Rebaca’s Log Analysis service can process any logs and machine data. One can diagnose and visualize critical logs and identify recurring errors. Our intuitive UI allows domain experts to create rules and generate recommendations. Our Kafka-Spark-Cassandra framework can handle streaming & batch data from disparate data sources. It can ingest high volumes of data at an exponential speed to avoid system latencies. One can generate actionable business insights at ease.

RCA Log Analysis

Rebaca offers proactive BI analytics on application logs, infrastructure logs, and systems data. We have deep expertise on Telecom, Video and underlying operating systems. Domain knowledge enables us to correlate and detect anomalies across the system stack. We have the expertise to associate and index any application logs and machine data. We use adaptive machine learning techniques to provide advanced analytics and business intelligence.

Here are some of the logs we process: error logs, syslogs, transaction & event logs, message logs, application logs, DB access logs, all infra logs and more machine data


Using Big Data Solutions to provide business insights and predictive captabilities