ABotEdu a virtual 4G/5G/ORAN lab that creates perfect balance among industry relevant skills & market demands by enabling end to end practical learning platform for telecommunication technology. It can be one of the key enabler to facilitate employability.

ABotEdu is a e-learning lab platform for imparting practical knowledge and exposure to real-life industry 4.0 mobile technology. It is best suited for universities, engineering/R&D institutes, industry relevant trainings and e-learning platforms to develop practical experience needed for employment.

What is ABotEdu?

ABotEdu is a 4G/5G/ORAN virtual lab platform that enables hands-on trainings and implementation specific learning experience on testing, debugging and deployment. It complements theoretical knowledge by facilitating practical learning on Mobility Technology with a virtual lab environment and real time 4G/5G/ORAN use case simulation.

ABotEdu helps to build thorough knowledge on industry relevant expertise for the users with end-to-end 4G/5G/ORAN call flow simulation, canned testcases, 3GPP Spec co-relation, AI-driven analysis, threat simulation and a lot more.

Key Features of ABotEdu

Virtual Cloud-hosted lab accessible to everyone - both Rural & Urban institutions without any setup complexity

Enables end to end learning with readymade 4G/5G/ORAN use cases, call flows, AI aided test case authoring, PCAPs & log analysis

IE and AVP mapping to 3GPP & ORAN Specifications for easy understanding

New test case authoring aided by a 3GPP aware SmartEditor

Comprehensive platform to gain expertise on 4G/5G/ORAN call flows, Mobility & Infrastructure KPIs, and analysing E2E scenarios

Automated inclusive failure identification, root cause analysis and test report generation

USP of ABotEdu and its relevance to Academics & Industry?
  • Canned 5G/ORAN lab environment with industry relevant 5G training: 3GPP Spec.familiarity with Network Functions, Call Flows, Logs, PCAPS, etc.
  • Software only platform with low infrastructure cost and accessibility from anywhere
  • Readymade use cases can be mapped to course materials and used as examples to facilitate teaching and training
  • Extensive hands-on examples on different e2e call flows, 5G message flows, IES, AVP, log/pcap analysis, mobility/infra KPIs
  • Write new scenarios using SmartEditor by tweaking the existing test templates
  • Training on 5G Call Flow development and Test Case authoring with minimal ramp-up time
  • Simulate Security threats and mitigation techniques: middle man attacks, denial of service attacks, higher cyber security, etc.

ABotEdu is a one stop solution for the Academics & Industry to become truly "Job ready facilitator".

ABotEdu helps to fill the gaps between theories and industries demand for implementation specific niche skills. It serves the current market needs of global MNCs, OEMs & SIs.

Use ABotEdu and become employable with unparalleled telecom knowledge!

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