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ABotEdu is a virtual 5G lab that provides hands-on skills on mobile technology. It is best suited for universities, engineering, R&D institutes, industry-relevant training institutes and e-learning platforms to develop the practical experience needed for employment.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Key Features

Familiarization of the 5G Network Functions using 3GPP-specified scenarios

Configuring 5G network functions for different scenarios

Execution of the 5G call flows and understanding the interaction between the associated NFs

Simulate various types of UP/CP traffic under load conditions

Automated certificate generation

Analysing message exchanges between the 5G nodes using packet captures and logs

Analysing the executed call flows and evaluating performance using KPIs

Hands-on exercises for learners’ evaluation

Step-by-step breakdown of the 5G call scenarios using a call ladder diagram

Value Proposition


Provide 5G orientation and facilitate employability


Flexible and light weight 5G plug & play Lab


Enhance theoretical 5G knowledge with actual 3GPP procedures


Ideal for institutions, on-line courses, and for R&D

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