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The challenge

ORAN comes with a multi-vendor framework with different combinations of RU/DU & CU and enabling different layers of validations like – functional, capacity, performance, or interoperability across distributed networks is a tough nut to crack! Validating/ managing and orchestrating the multi-vendor ORAN NFs with different test topologies against C-plane, U-plane, and M-plane sometimes can get too exhaustive. Troubleshooting efforts, test infrastructure maintenance, and the amount of test case requirements can prolongate the test cycles for months and increase the testing-associated costs in a drastic manner.

How to overcome?

A solution with the perfect blend of automation, cloud-hosted, and “pay as you use” model having ready-made ORAN rel. complaint vendor agnostic test suite.
Rebaca Technologies in collaboration with Aarna networks brings a market-ready “Comprehensive O-RAN Stack Validation Suite (ABot + AMCOP)” that can change the ORAN testing.
This is a vendor-agnostic, cloud-hosted solution that comes with a ready-to-use highly scalable ORAN test suite, DU, CU, RIC, SMO, 5G Core simulation support, and a “pay as you go” model.
This quintessential whisk of technology, experience, and expertise can facilitate your ORAN deployment rapidly by reducing the test cycles/stages and debugging efforts in a cost-efficient manner.

Solution Highlights:
  • ORAN standardized test cases for F1, E1, E2, O1 validation
  • DU, CU, RIC & SMO simulation
  • Kubernetes O-Cloud
  • AI-driven test result analysis and failure identifications
  • Compliance, conformance, performance & capacity validation of the C/U/M plane

Key Benefits

Vendor-neutral solution

One-stop ORAN test suite that works for all – SI, CSP, Operators or OEMs.

Ease of Automation

Automated – DUT validation, test result & root analysis, failure detection, PCAP/Log/KPI analysis & report generation

Highly scalable test suite

Highly customizable & scalable BDD-driven standard complaint English-like test cases

Test coverage

Conformance, capacity, performance, and e2e testing coverage

Money, resource, and timesaving

Avail of cloud-hosted “pay as you” model to accelerate time to market by 50% and save 70% on your testing budget

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