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ABot – 4G/5G Network Test Solution

ABot is a Cloud native 4G/5G and ORAN Network Protocol Tester and Analytics solution

The ABot test orchestration solution validates 4G and 5G network functions and ORAN components as per 3GPP and ORAN Alliance Specifications. It includes a plethora of canned plug-and-play test templates for functional, conformance, interop, performance benchmark, and load testing. ABot tests both control and user planes by simulating network functions in a containerized cloud-native, virtualized, or bare metal environment.

Key Features

Software only solution and highly scalable with COTS H/W

Flexible deployment options: VMs, Cloud platforms, Containers

Seamless integration of CI engines and Automation frameworks

Supports NSA, SA and 4G – 5G Interworking scenarios

E2E functionality, performance, Inter-Op and conformance Validation

Built-in Traffic generators: Ping, Tenplate, IMS and Video

Supports high-volume user plane traffic using DPDK stack

3GPP-aware AI SmartEditor for easy test case authoring

Analytics engine to provide data insight using AI/ML algorithms

Recommendation Engine and RCA enables Continuous Test Assurance


Network Operators

Pre & Post network deployment validation using ABot

  • Validate the performance of VNF/CNF/PNF solutions before deployment
  • Perform post-deployment Network Audits for scalability
  • Capacity planning using synthetic traffic
  • Validate Network Slice specific use cases
  • Facilitate rapid release validation with CI-CD-CT
  • Root Cause Failure analysis
  • Cost effective, optimized testing of Non-Public Networks
Los Angeles Skyscrapers


Authenticate & Debug PNF/VNF/CNF using ABot

  • Validates Network Function by Emulating other peer nodes
  • Supports 5G NSA & SA modes
  • Analyze the test scripts and execution data
  • Capable of providing Lab-as-a Service
  • Obtain build-by-build product maturity trends
  • Generates KPI from various layers of NFV for deeper analysis
  • Wraparound testing with E2E 5G/ORAN testbed
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System Integrators

Facilitate multi-vendor solution integration & Testing

  • ABot can help integrate complex Virtualized Network Functions
  • Low code test authoring environment for rapid test case scaling
  • Low code test authoring environment for rapid test case scaling
  • Simulate any NF and validate various deployment scenarios, including multi-cloud
  • Can be Test Orchestrator and work with 3rd party test tools
  • Enables Zero Touch test automation solution


Implementations are specific to our customer’s needs. We understand you.

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