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Unlock the potential of 4G 5G CIoT Testing using ABot- a cloud-native test tool. Know about the deployment and architectural details of ABot and how its ready-to-use test cases help in validation of data plane and control plane at carrier-grade scale. Learn about 3GPP Defined ways of testing wireless networking protocols.

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ABot as 5G Lab-In-a-Box solution

ABot5GC is a 3GPP compliant 5G Core. It can integrate with any standard compliant RAN. ABot5GC+gNB will create an ecosystem for various application development to test different use cases. It is highly customizable, economical, and easy to maintain.

All-in-one 5G Network

Software-only 5G platform

Software-only 5G platform with low infrastructure cost and accessible from anywhere

Standard Compliant RAN Interface

Plug and play with any 3GPP compliant RAN

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Insights on executed 3GPP 5G procedures PCAPs, Logs and KPIs

Support all 3GPP Procedures

Ability to support all 3GPP procedures for comprehensive validation of 5G scenarios

Data Traffic Flow

Various types of data traffic flow for different scenarios can be supported

User-Friendly GUI with Smart-Editor

3GPP procedures represented in easy to understand English-like syntax

Key Features

Network Slicing

Network functions can be grouped into multiple network slices


Multiple network slices to support higher subscriber or services capacity


Supports both Cloud RAN and 5G NR base station architecture

Cloud native & flexible architecture

Designed to be cloud native; can be installed on-prem and cloud platform

Supported Sample Use Cases

Entertainment/ Video Streaming Applications with KPI analysis

Communication Application validation with KPI insights eg. Voice and Videocall App, Video Conf.

AR/VR use case validation like - training, education and gaming

Network security - UE swarm, Man-in-the-middle, DDoS attack on Control and User Plane

Smart City use cases like - Traffic management, monitoring and video surveillance cameras with KPI analysis

Drone-related use cases like RAN switching, and video jitter during cell transition

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