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Unlock the potential of 4G 5G CIoT Testing using ABot- a cloud-native test tool. Know about the deployment and architectural details of ABot and how its ready-to-use test cases help in validation of data plane and control plane at carrier-grade scale. Learn about 3GPP Defined ways of testing wireless networking protocols.

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Video Solutions

At Rebaca we believe in staying at the top of the technology curve. Hence, as part of our strategy, Rebaca constantly invests in building POC’s and IP targeting the OTT domain. The IP can be used by the customer to integrate and build their own solutions. These POC’s and IP that we build are the cornerstone of our ability to build robust OTT solutions.

Rebaca Technologies has more than 2 decades of experience in delivering high-quality end-to-end services and solutions for uninterrupted video content delivery over a wide range of platforms like OTT, IPTV and Broadcast. We are always at the pinnacle of the technology curve contributing to the pioneering efforts to deliver the next generation of video streaming solutions. Our team has built OTT Live and VOD video delivery platform for this industry’s leading vendors.

Rebaca has highly skilled resources who have decades of experience in video technology and can be rapidly deployed for projects in need of testing OTT, Smart TV, IPTV, STB, Media Servers and Cloud Engineering. We ensure timely and cost-effective execution of projects by following a combination of Manual and Automation test strategy backed by a comprehensive test team and subject matter experts.

Rebaca’s ABot platform offers validation of OTT streaming video applications on any platform, mobile, web, and STB. With built-in 100s of test cases and a means to write the additional test without writing a single line of code, ABot OTT is ideal for Content Producers and OTT Operators to automate their application testing. Step-by-step analysis with associated logs of test execution eliminates the need to reproduce and help in debugging.

  • Authentication, Navigation, Bookmarks, Pop-Up
  • Playback – Live, Catch Up, Recording, VOD
  • Play, Pause, Resume, Stop, Restart
  • Skip, Fast Forward, Rewind, Seek Drag
  • Playback Business Rules
  • Program Boundary validations
  • Long run
  • Subtitles
  • In-Home and out of home

Our fragmented MP4 based MPEG DASH Segmenter solution is conformant to the MPEG DASH ISO/IEC 23009-1 standard. This solution has been deployed in North America to stream Live and VOD content. The segmenter takes Transport Stream (TS) as input feed and generates the Media Presentation Description (MPD), Initialization Segment, and Media Segments based on the configured segment duration.

  • Supports Live and VOD streaming
  • SIDX support for trick play
  • IFrame and Time based Segments generation
  • Configurable Segment duration
  • Single Period MPD with segment template/segment timeline
  • Supports H.264 and AAC-LC,HE AAC v1 and HE AAC v2 codecs
  • Complete Test Suite to evaluate the FMP4 based DASH Segmenter
  • Can be easily extended to CMAF(Common Media Application Format)

Rebaca’s SSAI Solution does not require any custom code in the Client component for it to function. Ads are stitched together along with media content and delivered as one continuous stream. Thus ads are not detectable by adblocker. This also provides a seamless transition between media content and ads hence a better TV-like experience to end-user.

  • Ad insertion for LIVE, VOD, and Recording HLS content
  • Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll ad insertion
  • Server Side beacons for Start, First, Second, Third, and Complete Ad quartiles
  • Support No/Full/Sample Encryption for Ad segments
  • Telemetry streaming
  • VAST 3.0
  • Inclusion of Discontinuity Tag before Ad starts and after Ad ends
  • Generates empty WEBVTT segments for Ads
  • Easily integrated with any HLS Packager/Segmenter/Encoder
  • Easily integrated with any Ad Server
  • Works with any Clients

Meet our experts to know more about Video & OTT services.