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Unlock the potential of 4G 5G CIoT Testing using ABot- a cloud-native test tool. Know about the deployment and architectural details of ABot and how its ready-to-use test cases help in validation of data plane and control plane at carrier-grade scale. Learn about 3GPP Defined ways of testing wireless networking protocols.

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ABot is cloud-native, software-only solution that can validate & analyze vendor specific DU/CU/RIC or SMO stacks in an automated manner. It facilitates in-depth control, data and management plane validation. ABot can simulate any missing 5G/ORAN NFs to build a wraparound topology and test the DUT(s). It comes with 3GPP/ORAN Alliance compliant test cases written in English like language that are easy to customize. It also provides a AI-enabled SmartEditor for semi-automated test case authoring.

GenAI-powered ABot Analytics engine enables failure detection with root-cause analysis. The AI/ML-driven analytics correlates infra/mobility/application KPI with NF performance for benchmarking and rightsizing.

Key Features

ORAN NF simulation – CU, DU, RIC, SMO

Interworking with real & simulated NFs

F1, E1, E2 & O1 Support

N1/N2/N3, N6, Xn support

Readymade 3GPP/ ORAN WG complaint test repository

Functional, performance, conformance & capacity testing

Different types of traffic simulation - video, IMS

Automation, orchestration & integration with third party

AI-driven root cause analysis & KPI correlation

Test artifacts analysis, failure identification & report generation

ABot ORAN Support coverage

F1/E1 Specific requirements: 3GPP Specification 38.401

E2 & RIC Specific Requirements ORAN WG3.E2TS.v01.00.05

O-RAN Stack Interoperability Test Specification 5.0

M-Plane, O1- Specific Requirements ORAN WG8-IOT-v04.00

Ready to explore RIC in ORAN? Watch the video now!

High-level Benefits for SIs, OEMs & Operators


System Integrators

A zero touch “pay as you go” 5G/ORAN validation platform to test interoperability scenarios seamlessly at the pre-deployment phase with multi-vendor NFs across different distributed network.

Los Angeles Skyscrapers


Facilitate wraparound testing encompassing the OEM’s DUTs and validate the DUTs performance against different scenarios for different deployment models like – MEC/Edge.

Palm Springs Road


Enables continuous e2e/integration testing platform with highly scalable test framework. It helps the operators to build their customized ready-to-use test suite, automate the testing cycle, and do scale testing all in cost-effective manner.

Sample Case Studies

Streamlining multi-vendor DU, CU, RIC & SMO components validation on the C/U/M plane in a cloud-native way

Network slice use case analysis of multi-vendor ORAN & 5G NF on a distributed network for E2E call flow debugging

Comprehensive solution for optimal ORAN workload placement and performance benchmarking with functional validation on the RedHat Openshift platform

Want to know more? Meet our experts to Know how can ABot serve your testing needs.