Opportunities for advancement

Rebaca recruits every new member after careful evaluation of not only their engagement with our vision, but also their eagerness to learn. As a medium-sized enterprize working on cutting-edge technology we require a profound domain knowledge. To compete in this ever-evolving industry we need a team with strong analytical skills and deep understanding of programming languages. We have a rigorous selection process which includes several rounds of interviews and tests to match the candidate with the need and the organization’s culture. Based on the outcome the engineering team that raised this requirement verifies whether the skills are relevant. Before making a final offer, the MD meets with the candidate and a decision is made.

Clear communication of goals, expectations, directions and performance

More than 50% of our existing employees have been with us for 8-10 years, including our executive members and senior leads. We groom our employees to grow with the company by clearly defining goals and setting expectations. At Rebaca, we have certain standards that we want our employees to live up to because we belive that to provide the best quality we have to be the best. Folks who excel and outshine these goals in their KYE performances are rewarded through different programs. This motivates our employees to do better and instigates healthy competition amoung peers.

Training and development

Being a niche technology company, our in-depth understanding of the domain differentiates us. All our team members are not domain experts when they start a new engagement, but we thrive to become one with time. Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) and Know your Customer (KYC) initiatives allows individuals to develop their technical expertise in the customer’s domain, associated latest innovations, related standards and specifications and similar activities by other companies. Some of our CoE initiatives focus on the latest trends in the industry, which may not be directly associated with any project activity but prepares us for future endevours.

Recognizing long term association

Rebaca’s transparent HR process allows participation of all members in the organization’s employee evaluations. Quarterly Key Capability Indicator scores are published and employee goals are aligned based on the organizational expectations. These KCI scores are generated based on automated scripts that collect data from completed deliverables, schedule management and knowledge growth. Subjective reviews are collected to evaluate leadership and interpersonal skills. On an ongoing basis, employees receive feedback from leads, managers and the MD on their performance, contribution and potential improvement areas.

Constant effort towards good workplace culture and employee morale

At Rebaca we know that to lead a team of experts we need to nurture them and provide them with a safe and welcoming environment. That’s why we take several measures to boost their confidence and create a good workplace culture. We strive for transparency through all levels so that all employees can see the bigger picture and their contributions mold into a customer product or an organizational goal taking flight in the real world. We have quaterly general meetings held by our MD to review past achievements, commemorate currents efforts and focus on future endevours. Monthly activities are planned to give employees a break from work and focus on having fun. We take all our employee feedback seriously and have regular sessions to work on areas that needs improvement.