Empowering 5G Education with Rebaca Technologies’ ABotEdu at Vishnu Educational Developmental and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) University: A Hands-On Journey

Step into the immersive world of 5G education through Rebaca Technologies’ workshop at the VEDIC campus. Explore hands-on experiences within the academic realm of VEDIC University, blending education, technology, and practical learning. As 5G becomes the future of telecom, starting 5G learning now becomes crucial for upcoming job opportunities. This is your chance to pave your path towards a future-ready skill set in the realm of 5G technology!

  • Unveiling 5G Learning Excellence at VEDIC University

At Rebaca Technologies, our commitment to revolutionizing 5G education led us to collaborate with Vedic University. In our 3-days Workshop, the participants were introduced to the fundamentals of 5G technology and delved deep into the protocol stack intricacies and essential 5G procedures. Hands-on engagement through ABotEdu’s virtual lab allowed participants to test their knowledge with interactive exercises and engaging Q&A sessions. We engaged with students and faculties, igniting a paradigm shift in hands-on learning experiences using simulated 5G Core, ABotEdu.

The positive reception from participants, especially Dr Sivakumar Krishnan’s endorsement, solidifies our dedication to improving educational experiences through technology.

  • ABotEdu: 5G hands-on learning solution

Rebaca Technologies provides pivotal support for the 5G curriculum through ABotEdu, a comprehensive 5G training platform featuring a simulated 5G Core. This resource offers a variety of video lessons and exercises covering 3GPP procedures, facilitating a seamless transition from theory to hands-on 5G expertise.


  1. ABotEdu offers several transformative experiences for online 5G learning.
  2. Timed MCQs and grading system with timed MCQ exercises and grading mechanisms for improved evaluation.
  3. 3GPP specified scenario development, generating 5G call-flows and developing debugging expertise using simulated 5G Core.
  4. Comprehensive reporting capabilities help empower administrators with detailed learner activities for insightful assessment and accountability.
  5. Certificates of achievement to recognize and motivate students, and provide downloadable certificates based on their performance.

ABot5GC is Rebaca’s 3GPP-compliant 5G Core. It is complementary to any 5G course. ABot5GC integrates with standard-compliant RANs, enabling a versatile 5G Lab setup and 5G use case development. This end-to-end environment empowers students to test diverse applications for different use cases (URLLC, EMBB, etc.), honing skills sought after by industry leaders.

  • Shaping the Future of 5G Education:

Our mission at Rebaca Technologies is to shape the future of 5G education through ABotEdu, empowering students with practical learning experiences. Stay connected as we continue to unfold new chapters in 5G education and EdTech innovations.