Empowering 5G Learning By Team Rebaca at IEM Kolkata Campus

Rebaca has embarked on an enlightening journey through the dynamic landscape of 5G education, where innovation meets opportunity, and the future unfolds.

We had a very engaging and successful 5G learning workshop at the IEM Kolkata Campus. Before delving into the workshop details, let’s explore why 5G education is crucial in today’s digital landscape. With India’s ambitious initiatives like Digital India and Smart Cities, the demand for skilled professionals in the 5G domain is soaring. The market and job opportunities in 5G are burgeoning, making it imperative to equip oneself with knowledge and expertise in both core and RAN (Radio Access Network) aspects of 5G. Learning and researching in this field not only opens doors to lucrative career prospects but also fosters innovation and drives technological progress.

Overall, our workshop provides a platform for participants to enhance their understanding of 5G technology, explore its applications in various domains, and engage in meaningful discussions and hands-on activities.

Unveiling 5G Learning Excellence at IEM Kolkata:

Day 1:

The first day commenced with an insightful discussion on the history of wireless technology progression from 3G to 5G, by our 5G domain experts Deepanjan Ghosh & Rupsha Roy Chowdhury. Participants gained knowledge on various topics including 4G system and architecture, 5G system fundamentals and architecture, advantages of 5GS over 4G systems, overview of different network functions, and discussions on SBA, HTTPv2, Oauth , and CUPS. The day concluded with a demonstration of Rebaca’s Edtech solution ABotEdu and ABot Test bench, along with engaging discussions on 4G/5G system & architecture.

Day 2:

The second day focused on discussions surrounding NFV and SDN by the Rebaca speakers. Topics covered included Network Slicing, UE states in 5G, NRF procedures, registration and de-registration, PDU session management, and hands-on learning with ABotEdu. Participants actively engaged in discussions and hands-on activities, gaining practical insights into network slicing and other related concepts.

Day 3:

On the final day, the workshop delved into Security Context Setup, Authentication procedure, and Security Mode Procedure, led by Deepanjan Ghosh and Santanu K Roy, the O-RAN Principal Architect. Discussions included PFCP procedures, AN release, service request and paging, UE protocol stacks, and NIDD (CIoT Use Cases). The day also featured a live demo of ORAN with ABot Test bench.

The final session delved into the challenges of ML-driven analytics in 5G with live demo of detecting anomalies in the network traffic using ABot’s innovative algorithms and data science modelling techniques. The workshop ended with discussions on potential research areas and possible collaborations between industry and academics to perform the deep analysis of any failure using Generative AI backed by 3GPP-aware LLMs.

The enthusiastic participation of IEM’s esteemed faculty, researchers, and students made our immersive session on 5G Technologies truly engaging. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Director Sir Satyajit Chakrabarti for his unwavering support and encouragement in organizing this workshop for aspiring young minds. Special recognition is also due to Dr. Amartya Mukherjee and Dr. Deepshuvra Guha Roy for their invaluable contributions, which greatly contributed to the success of the workshop.

Shaping the Future of 5G Education:

Our mission at Rebaca Technologies is to shape the future of 5G education through ABotEdu, empowering students with practical learning experiences. Stay connected as we continue to unfold new chapters in 5G education and EdTech innovations.

Here’s the feedback from IEM faculty on our 5G workshop!

“I found the workshop useful. I learned about the internal workings of 5G core and found the session on writing code using BDD without prior knowledge particularly beneficial.”
Dr. Deepsubhra Guha Roy, Associate Professor at IEM, Kolkata

“Basics of 5G Network was discussed in the Workshop and some materials and tools were suggested for further study and tinkering. Would like to explore the different optimization options for 5G Resource allocation in future.”
Sananda Chatterjee, Research Scholar at IEM, Kolkata

“I learned about the role of the 5G core in implementing a 5G network during the workshop. It would be great if we could include some small projects using the ABotEdu software.”
Ankita Ray Chowdhury, Assistant Professor at IEM, Kolkata