ABot Test-as-a-Service on Red Hat Openshift

Rebaca TechnologiesABot is a revolutionary Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering designed for 4G/5G/ORAN networks. Available on the Red Hat Openshift Marketplace, ABot provides a comprehensive test automation solution powered by a GenAI analytics engine. Its fully cloud-native and micro-service architecture makes it ideal for CI/CT/CD pipelines, release management, verification, benchmarking, “right-sizing” of 5G workloads, and even Day 2 network monitoring and observability. ABot’s benefits and functionalities makes it a compelling value proposition for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), System Integrators (SIs), and managed network operators.

The Challenge: Lack of Cloud-Native Service based Testing Solutions

Applications are transitioning to the Cloud and service-based interfaces are an acceptable means to access applications. Why should testing be any different? Traditional test and simulation frameworks rely on bare metal infrastructure or containerized modules of their legacy solutions. This results to over provisioning of resources, creates overhead, increases operational costs, and not environment friendly. Moreover, this architecture does not fit the demand of service-based consumption.

ABot addresses the industry’s need for a truly cloud-native service-based test framework capable of evaluating performance, scale, and load in cloud environments by offering:

  • Dynamically managed resources for efficient test execution, analysis, and release.
  • A fully automated, cloud-native tool for Dev-Test-Perf-Ops of 5G workloads.

Why Choose ABot TaaS?

ABot offers all its features as services that can be invoked through a REST API. These services have their own life cycle and are independent from each other. This enables one to provision resources, execute specific test services, analyze results, generate RCA, and finally release resources. Followings are how ABot TaaS empowers businesses:

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX: Eliminate the need for dedicated testing resources and expensive hardware infrastructure. Pay only for what you use and only when you use.
  • Elastic Hosted Resources: ABot scales to accommodate load testing needs, ensuring efficient resource utilization.
  • Parallel Test Execution: Automate test cases to run concurrently, significantly reducing testing time.
  • GenAI Powered Analytics: Leverage GenAI and Machine Learning to corelate artifacts and data points for outlier detection and actionable insights.
  • Benchmarking and Right-sizing: Optimize workload footprints and achieve cost-effective deployments by identifying optimal configurations.

ABot’s Comprehensive Capability

Rebaca’s ABot TaaS goes beyond just test automation. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Software Life Cycle Management (SLCM): Repetitive testing and validation of 5G workloads from various vendors become cost-effective on a hosted platform. Automated release testing streamlines transitions to new software versions.
  • Optimizing and Benchmarking: Achieve “well-architected” solutions and cost optimization by validating and incubating workloads with ABot’s “right-sizing” capabilities.
  • Cloud Architecting: Automate testing of workloads distributed across hybrid cloud environments, facilitating the design, validation, and scaling of edge solutions. Customers gain the ability to evaluate different cloud configurations before deployment.
  • Facilitating New Platform Features: ABot enables evaluation of new platform features like power saving options, allowing telcos and enterprises to optimize resource consumption and potentially take advantage of new offerings.
  • Network Observability: ABot’s validation and analytics capabilities can be utilized for live workload monitoring and predictions. Leverage ABot’s synthetic traffic generation to analyze network behavior. Insights can be fed to an orchestrator for workload reconfiguration and network optimization.


ABot Deployment and Integration on OpenShift

ABot is readily available on the Red Hat OpenShift Marketplace as managed service. It is CNF certified and can be deployed as an Operator on any OpenShift Cluster. Businesses can choose to evaluate it on their on-premises infrastructure or directly in a cloud environment. Prepackage sample configuration are available for some 3rd party 5G Cores. These can be leveraged for integration with other Cores as well. Video tutorials and documents are available to facilitate this. 3GPP compliant canned test cases are available for execution against any DUT. Test case customization and authoring is possible using AI based 3GPP aware Editor. Test results, infra KPIs and other relevant artifacts are available for analysis, RCA and recommendations. Alerts are generated for infra threshold breaches which can be preconfigured.

Rebaca Technologies’ ABot empowers businesses with a next-generation TaaS solution designed for the cloud era of 4G/5G/ORAN networks. Its automation, AI/ML-powered analytics, and scalable architecture deliver significant cost savings and operational efficiency. With its comprehensive service portfolio and ease of integration, ABot is the perfect choice for businesses seeking to optimize their 5G deployments and ensure network performance.

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