Rebaca Unveils ABot5GC: A Comprehensive “Lab in a Box” Solution for 5G Innovation

Rebaca Technologies takes a giant leap forward in the 5G landscape with the launch of ABot5GC, a powerful “Lab in a Box” solution that promises to revolutionize how we approach 5G technology. As a 3GPP compliant 5G Core, ABot5GC is designed to seamlessly integrate with any standard-compliant RAN, setting the stage for a versatile and dynamic ecosystem conducive to application development and testing across a spectrum of use cases.

  • Why ABot5GC Stands Out

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, ABot5GC stands out as a critical tool for navigating the complexities of 5G. It creates an ideal environment for developing a wide range of applications, from network slicing to quality of service (QoS)-specific scenarios, making it indispensable for any 5G lab or research centre. ABot5GC supports the rapid deployment of new use cases while ensuring that scaling and customization are both straightforward and efficient. Researchers can easily tailor the 5G Core configuration to meet specific research needs, enhancing flexibility and adaptability. It operates on affordable Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware or cloud platforms, eliminating the need for costly proprietary equipment.

  • Key Features of ABot5GC

Versatility and Integration: ABot5GC’s core strength lies in its ability to integrate with any standard-compliant RAN, offering a foundation for extensive research applications. This ecosystem empowers researchers and developers to test and investigate diverse 5G use cases, from enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) to ultra-reliable low-latency communication (uRLLC) applications.

Cloud-Native and Economical: Designed with the cloud in mind, it is lightweight and suitable for deployment across various environments, including edge devices, without straining your budget.

Advanced Analytics for Insightful Research: Equipped with an advanced analytics backend, it dives deep into 5G procedures, providing valuable insights through PCAPs, logs, and KPIs, all supported by an ELK stack for real-time data analysis.

Future-Proof and User-Friendly: Supporting 3GPP Release 15 and 16, ABot5GC is built for the future, allowing for easy updates and incorporation of new features. Its design emphasizes reduced maintenance overhead and a web-based EMS, simplifying the complexities of 5G deployment. Additionally, its root cause failure analysis capabilities provide valuable insights into network behavior, facilitating troubleshooting and accelerating learning.

Focus on Application Development: ABot5GC offers a flexible and easy-to-maintain 5G Core but doesn’t compromise on the internal workings of the network. This allows researchers and developers to focus on creating innovative applications without getting bogged down in the complexities of the underlying 5G Core functionalities

  • In Conclusion

Whether you’re exploring new applications, enhancing research, or looking to streamline 5G deployment, ABot5GC offers the flexibility, insights, and control necessary to navigate the future of connectivity. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the endless possibilities of 5G technology together.