Confidence Through Automation: Rebaca’s Journey at MWC Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) stands out as the premier event in the mobile industry, drawing together innovators, leaders, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest trends and advancements shaping the future of connectivity.

MWC 2024 unveiled a plethora of shiny innovations, with AI prominently featured as the star of the show. Conversational interfaces with networks from Rakuten, Amdocs, and Huawei demonstrated AI’s potential in network operations. Telcos are exploring AI’s transformative power, particularly in customer service, but investment decisions hinge on identifying tangible benefits. B-Yond’s GenAI-powered TelcoGPT shows the potential to ease troubleshooting in the Telecom domain. We believe that the application of LLMs in the autonomous test creation and RCA will be a big part of the future of testing and analytics. Other notable AI innovations included Humane’s AI Pin and Deutsche Telekom’s T Phone, both revolutionizing user-device interaction. Qualcomm’s AI Hub launch, featuring the LLaVA demonstration, signifies a crucial step towards on-device AI applications, promising rich experiences and addressing industry hype.

This year also Rebaca had the honor of participating in MWC, immersing ourselves in the dynamic atmosphere of innovation and technology.

At the event, we proudly showcased our innovations under the theme “Confidence through Automation,” alongside our esteemed partners. Our flagship product, ABot, garnered attention for its remarkable automation capabilities within the dynamic realm of 5G technology. Throughout the event, ABot served as a source of inspiration during enlightening sessions with our valued customers and partners, reaffirming Rebaca’s commitment to driving technological advancement and collaboration.

Our presence at MWC extended beyond our exhibits, particularly through our engagements with Red Hat and Tech Mahindra. Together, we jointly introduced our Hybrid multi-cloud flexibility solution, emphasizing Geo Redundancy for 5G services. Additionally, we spotlighted our efforts in validating xApps for RAN Slice SLA assurance using E2SM KPM on the Red Hat OpenShift platform. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders like Red Hat and Tech Mahindra; and we eagerly anticipate continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile technology.

Furthermore, our collaborations extended to partners like VMware, where we got nominated as a VMWare TechConnect Partner, showcasing optimization for multi-vendor 5G Core deployment on Cloud platforms. This strategic partnership underscores Rebaca’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in tandem with industry leaders.

Continuing our momentum, Rebaca also highlighted the potential of 5G Lab as-a-Service through our initiative with IEEE. This offering serves as a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications technology.

Beyond the exhibition floor, MWC provided abundant opportunities for learning and networking. We engaged in thought-provoking keynote presentations, participated in insightful panel discussions, and connected with industry leaders from around the globe. The exchange of ideas and knowledge proved invaluable, providing us with fresh insights and perspectives to bring back to our work at Rebaca.

Our meetings with industry leaders such as AWS, Intel, VMware, Casa, and others were productive. We discussed building test architectures and explored avenues for collaboration. We also explored the potential utilization of the ABot tool within Intel internal groups, paving the way for its incorporation as part of a unified offering to their customers.

Additionally, we had enriching discussions and demos with CableFree, Commscope and Tucana—a Europe-based distributor in the Test and Measurement domain. Their interest in partnering with us to approach the EU for 5G testing and automation was particularly promising.

We also had fruitful discussions with esteemed organizations such as Mavenir, i2i Systems, Ulak Communications, Druid and Celona – most of whom are players in the rapidly evolving private 5G space. A potential interest in these partnerships is TEC certification of the 5G Core to enable deployment for Indian customers.

Finally, we should mention our in-depth discussions with large Consulting companies like Tata Elxsi, Virtusa and CTS. The focus in these discussions was to harness ABot capabilities and provide a value-added offering for large telco customers.

As we reflect on our experience at MWC, one thing remains evident: the future of mobile technology is bright, with endless possibilities. From 5G to edge computing to AI, the innovations showcased at MWC are propelling us towards a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable world. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this transformative event and eagerly anticipate continuing our journey at the forefront of innovation.