Rebaca Technologies at MWC’17 Barcelona

Rebaca Technologies had the privilege of being at  MWC’17 to showcase our very own Test Orchestration Solution, ABot, at the Ubuntu booth. This framework enriches the experience for Communication Service Providers, VNF Providers & Platform Vendors at the time of deploying, integrating & orchestrating VNFs. For four days, our Senior Delivery Manager and CEO demonstrated the capabilities of ABot to various vendors and the initial response has been very positive. We received a few good leads and now have a solid direction for us to head towards. Some of the prospective customers gave us concrete suggestions for customizing our framework to better suit their needs or enhancing it further to make it a better solution altogether.

Rebaca showcasing a demo of ABot

The need for a comprehensive yet reliable mechanism of VNF onboarding with multiple orchestrators and virtual infrastructures is imperative to integrate NFV solutions with the core systems of Service Providers. Our Test Orchestration solution provides a framework, where multiple application services are successfully deployed in an NFV ecosystem. It follows the NFV MANO standards allowing flexible onboarding and sidesteps the chaos associated with rapid spin up of network components.
With the advent of virtualization and open source cloud computing, ABot is just the test orchestration solution you will need to validate VNF conformance, performance as well as interoperability on multiple platforms using different VNF orchestrators.

Unlike, the traditional method of testing each node separately, this framework will test the whole system as a unit with the help of feature files, which define the parameters of the system. Moreover, ABot is written in a business readable language, which makes it invaluable to any DevOps team.

The Key Features of ABot are:

  • Supports onboarding VNFs on any cloud platform using different NFV orchestrators
  • Validates VNF Conformance, Performance and Load Testing
  • Tests end-to-end system performance and interoperability in a multivendor platform
  • Orchestrates automation in DevOps environment enabling CI-CD
  • Provides Predictive Test Analytics of different KPI

Ubuntu Booth, Hall 3, Stand 3K31

Our CEO and Delivery Manager, both were impressed with how an event of this scale was managed and executed. The event took place in Fira Gran Via and Fira Montjuïc, hosting over 100,000 attendees from +200 countries. The city of world-class vistas and welcoming ambiance, Barcelona, pulsated with energy embracing the full impact of this show. A place with great food and well-integrated public transport, this is a compelling destination for tourists.
The show was riddled with Virtual Reality gears and IoT enabling solutions. “Adoption of VR and making consumers buy those expensive glasses would be a challenge, but I was intrigued by some of the demos”, said our CEO MWC 2017 was exactly the platform that we needed to launch our test orchestration solution and kick start our journey with ABot. Needless to say, the Rebaca team is now amped up to meet the customer requirements and provide the best Test Orchestration Solution in the industry.
Our engineers are hard at work with complete dedication and mindset to make a difference. We believe that we can extend our solution from the SDN, NFV, 4G/5G and Video Infrastructure to IoT, Security and SD-WAN. Based on what we saw at MWC’17 our conjecture is that ” the deployment of 5G networks along with NFV will ultimately result in massive IOT rollouts in future”, quoting our Senior Delivery Manager.
“The world is on the cusp of a revolution, with the re-definition of Virtual Reality and dominance of IoT but Rebaca is all geared up to surf the on-coming technology wave.”