Rebaca Technologies joins the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is pleased to announce that Rebaca Technologies today announced joining us as Associate Member.
The Alliance is delighted to work with Rebaca Technologies, our first corporate Associate Member from the Indian sub-continent. Rebaca provides the OAI team with ABot, its 5G core network test orchestration solution. The OpenAirInterface team is looking at deploying the 5G testing tools from Abot within the OpenShift data-center environment at its home at EURECOM. The Rebaca team is involved in developing the test and integration environment with the Alliance staff with the goal of improving the quality and bringing stabilization to the OpenAirInterface 5G core network code. This CI environment is continuously maintained and upgraded by this collaboration between the two teams with the vision of helping our partners access to the best in class 4G and 5G software for their use-case.

“Rebaca’s ABot test tool integrated OpenAirInterface’s Packet Core solutions in a CI/CD framework can envision Lab-as-a-service for 4G or 5G network testing. By becoming an associate member of the OSA, Rebaca Technologies plans to make 4G and 5G Network CI/CD a reality.”
Samir Chatterjee, CEO, Rebaca Technologies

About Rebaca Technologies

Rebaca was founded in 2002 with partners having over 35 years of experience and a team of full-time engineers who are experts in software development. Clients range from OEMs to Solution Providers to System Integrators. Rebaca meets the market requirements in Digital TV, Enterprise Video, Mobile Network and Orchestration. Rebaca’s experience in multiple OS and Communication technologies makes it capable of providing sophisticated solutions in native level, virtual environment, to develop high-level application and much more. The company practices internationally accepted development standards and meticulously analyzes the progress to deliver world-class software solutions.
Rebaca is a niche player in the Telecom, Media and Entertainment domain with key focus on Video Delivery, Video Consumption, Wireless Infrastructure & Test Orchestration solution. Backed by a seasoned management team and solid engineering process, Rebaca is an ideal partner for technology outsourcing.

About ABoT Test Orchestration Solution from Rebaca Technologies

The ABot Test Orchestration Solution is a 4G and 5G Network Simulator, ideal for testing 4G and 5G network protocols by simulating an end-to-end 4G and 5G network functions as per latest 3GPP Specifications. The testing requirements of production network elements of Telecom Service Providers are met as 4G Mobility and 5G IoT scenarios can be tested with simulated eNodeB, EPC (MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, PCRF, OCS, OFCS), Service Control Exposure Function (SCEF), Services Capabilities Server (SCS), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) along with the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) and other 5G Core Network Functions. Simulated Network elements and functions provides a low-cost alternative to production network elements and functions for eNodeB testing, Core Network testing, NBIoT, and IoT data protocol testing, VoLTE testing, etc. Both 3GPP protocol compliance and stress testing capabilities provided using same test cases. The Solution is Cloud Native and is in line with the principles of ETSI MANO. It integrates seamlessly with several orchestrators for Continuous Deployment (CD) and lifecycle management on NFV platforms. The solution is packaged with an intuitive Web-Based UI that provides graphical feedback and a comprehensive summary of test results along with artifacts such as LOGS and PCAP that help in the process of troubleshooting.