Advanced 5G Lab Testing with ABot

5G labs are being setup by different institutions worldwide. These labs enable multiple 5G vendors to deploy their network functions and verify inter-operability for various end-to-end scenarios. They also facilitate in development of real-life applications and validate the same in a real 5G environment. It can also be used for educational and research purposes.

ABot, the flagship product of Rebaca, is a cloud-native 4G/5G/ORAN Continuous Test Assurance and Analysis Solution. It can emulate any Network Function (NF) and can validate other NF(s) acting as a Device under Test (DUT). ABot has readymade 3GPP/ORAN compliant conformance, inter-op and performance test cases. It can generate control and data plane traffic for functional and load scenarios.

ABot can simulate UEs and gNB, and thoroughly test the entire 5G Core under different loads and scenarios, ensuring robust performance across various conditions. It can also simulate the 5GC and integrate with real gNB, to test and verify end-to-end 5G call flows. It extracts key performance indicators (KPIs) related to infrastructure and mobility characteristics to identify RCA for any call flow related failures.

ABot provides a RESTful API framework to integrate with CICD pipeline to execute automated tests and generate reports.

  • ABot offerings for 5G lab initiatives:

Simulating new & existing NFs:

  • ABot effortlessly emulates any 5G Core Network Function (NFs) enabling comprehensive integration and end-to-end testing.
  • This flexibility allows one to explore new functionalities and validate compatibility within the current infrastructure, streamlining 5G development.

New scenario augmentation:

  • ABot’s rapid test case generation capability enables quick adoption of new scenarios defined in updated 3GPP specifications.
  • This agility ensures that testing remains comprehensive and relevant; addressing the latest industry standards and ensuring future-proof deployments.

Resilience testing made easy:

  • ABot can validate the redundancy/high availability of any targeted NF.

Comprehensive IoT testing:

  • ABot simulates massive IoT devices, accurately representing real-world IoT deployments. The analytics module of ABot helps provide valuable insights into managing large-scale IoT environments to ensure the 5G network can handle the load effectively.

 Application testing with real-world relevance:

  • ABot can recreate real-world 5G use cases and analyse application performance within the 5G network. For example, simulation of IMS (VoNR), IoT related applications (smart city, health care, low latency device communications, robotics etc.).

 Seamless MEC integration:

  • ABot can test the impact of the MEC application’s mobility on the 5G call-flow. It computes performance, latency, and resource utilization to ensure optimal deployment.