ABotEdu – a comprehensive plug & play 4G/5G/ORAN test bench for universities

Rebaca Technology has launched a comprehensive plug & play 4G/5G/ORAN test bench, ‘ABotEdu’ that will change the perception of online education forever. Cloud-native, user-friendly, CI engine compatible ‘ABotEdu’ got plenty of features starting from e2e simulation with application/use case specific traffic generation, the canned plethora of test cases, ML-driven smart editor for seamless test case authoring, extensive API support for third party integration, security threats simulation & mitigation techniques, to AI-based intelligent analytics module.

An ultimate choice for the universities & academic research institutes to conduct 5G lab initiatives and R&D activities. ‘ABotEdu’ will help the students to learn about 5G associated procedures from scratch with surfeit hands-on opportunities. Incorporate ‘ABotEdu’ in your 5G offerings & let’s redefine online education together.