A New Way to Streamline and Validate O-RAN Interoperability Testing

The O-RAN Alliance has enabled an ecosystem of disaggregated, multi-vendor RAN solutions. However, this has necessitated interoperability among various stakeholders for specification compliance. Added to this, the RAN components need to integrate with the backhaul 4G or 5G Core network. This comprises a combination of NFs deployed across distributed networks using different deployment models. An automated, ready-made test suite that can exhaustively validate and do benchmarking of functional, conformance, and performance use cases is a “must-have.”

Rebaca Technologies ABot integrated with the Aarna Networks AMCOP SMO (Service Management and Orchestration) offers a comprehensive environment to emulate any O-RAN and 4G/5 G network functions. The solution can trigger and verify different use cases. Each use case can be represented in a Domain Specific Language, which can describe the different scenarios. The representation of these use cases in a Domain Specific Language helps to generate the resultant test cases according to the 3GPP and O-RAN specifications. The solution also includes ABot Analytics which analyzes the test execution results to provide report generation, log/pcap analysis, KPI correlation, release maturity reports, and bug tracking. This represents a “zero-touch” model for deployment and commissioning.

A Cloud-based O-RAN Validation Solution with ABot & AMCOP
A Cloud-based O-RAN Validation Solution with ABot & AMCOP

Comprehensive O-RAN StackValidation allows users to customize a validation stack by mixing and matching components and quickly enables interoperability testing. Specifically, the solution comprises the following components:

1.      DU,CU, RIC simulators

2.     Open source O-RAN SMO

3.     RU simulator from O-RAN-SC

4.     Open-source Kubernetes O-Cloud

5.     Comprehensive test suite for all the 3GPP and O-RAN interfaces

6.     Automated analysis of test execution data and report generation

This integration replicates a multi-vendor O-Cloud environment and executes test cases as specified in the O-RAN specifications.

CSPs, Operators, OEMs, or SIs raising concerns about ORAN testing like exhausted test cycles, different vendors, and highly scalable test infrastructure costs.

In this webinar, our Tech Architect talked about solutions.

Cloud native test validation framework is flexible to adapt new features quickly. Custmizable & adaptable for hyper-scaling test cases. Optimize & cost efficient test cycle that is intuitive & conducive to Rapid test case development.
 Samit K Ghosh, Senior Architect, Rebaca Technologies.



Learn more in this webinar recording: Streamline and Validate O-RAN Interoperability Testing conducted on Tuesday, December 20th, at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. Aarna and Rebaca will present a comprehensive O-RAN stack validation solution for the industry – a cloud-based O-RAN validation solution using ABot & AMCOP. Attendees will learn how to overcome common O-RAN challenges, customize a validation stack by mixing and matching components, and begin interoperability testing today.