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Unlock the potential of 4G 5G CIoT Testing using ABot- a cloud-native test tool. Know about the deployment and architectural details of ABot and how its ready-to-use test cases help in validation of data plane and control plane at carrier-grade scale. Learn about 3GPP Defined ways of testing wireless networking protocols.

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A Comprehensive Learning Experience

ABotEdu is a virtual 5G lab that provides hands-on skills on mobile technology. It is best suited for universities, engineering, R&D institutes, industry-relevant training institutes and e-learning platforms to develop the practical experience needed for employment.

Key Features

Familiarization of the 5G Network Functions using 3GPP-specified scenarios

Configuring 5G network functions for different scenarios

Execution of the 5G call flows and understanding the interaction between the associated NFs

Simulate various types of UP/CP traffic under load conditions

Automated certificate generation

Analysing message exchanges between the 5G nodes using packet captures and logs

Analysing the executed call flows and evaluating performance using KPIs

Hands-on exercises for learners’ evaluation

Step-by-step breakdown of the 5G call scenarios using a call ladder diagram

Value Proposition


Provide 5G orientation and facilitate employability


Flexible and light weight 5G plug & play Lab


Enhance theoretical 5G knowledge with actual 3GPP procedures


Ideal for institutions, on-line courses, and for R&D

ABot - Your Ally in 5G Education!

Equipping students with the skills for tomorrow's tech landscape is vital. ‍ That's why we're introducing ABot, a revolutionary solution empowering the next generation of 5G professionals.

Why ABot?

  • Practical Skills Development: Hands-on learning through simulations gets students ready for real-world 5G careers.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Say goodbye to expensive hardware! ABot's cloud-based platform removes financial barriers.
  • Streamlined Learning: Pre-defined test cases and exercises save faculty time and ensure top-notch instruction.
  • Download the brochure for details:

    Discover in Udemy

    5G Architecture

    Insights into 5G Architecture

    Explore use cases and network functions within the 5G landscape.

    Virtual 5G Platform

    Virtual 5G Platform

    Hands-on skill development, network understanding, configuration, and debugging.

    In-Depth Video Tutorials

    In-Depth Video Tutorials

    Understand 3GPP scenarios for developing 5G awareness.

    Sample & Evaluation Exercises

    Sample & Evaluation Exercises

    Foster familiarity, assessment, and certificate generation.

    Who Benefits

    • Engineers & Managers

    Seeking comprehensive insights into 5G networks, call flows, and specs.

    • Learners in Search of Hands-On Experience

    Explore 5G scenarios, analysis, and debugging techniques.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about 5G is crucial for professionals in telecommunications, networking, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and various other industries. It's shaping the future of connectivity and enabling innovations across multiple sectors.

    A typical 5G course covers fundamentals of 5G technology, architecture, protocols, deployment scenarios, network slicing, IoT applications, security considerations, 3GPP procedures, and emerging trends in 5G.

    Undergraduate and Post graduate students who want to work in telecommunication industry can get competitive advantage and future-proof their career by gaining industry relevant and hands-on experience. Professionals working in telecommunications, networking, software development, IoT, system architecture, and related fields can benefit from 5G courses. Additionally, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers interested in understanding the impact of 5G on various industries can find value in the course.

    Require knowledge of wireless communication protocols and technologies.

    Completing a 5G course can open up opportunities in various roles such as 5G network engineer, wireless system architect, IoT solutions architect, network security specialist, product manager, and research scientist in both industry and academia.

    This course offer access to ABotEdu, a hands-on labs, that provides simulations, and projects to provide practical experience with 5G technologies. These activities help reinforce theoretical concepts and allow students to gain practical skills in designing, deploying, and troubleshooting 5G networks and applications.

    This course covers various end-to-end procedures in great detail. This course also includes lectures on the sub-procedures which happen between specific nodes or network functions. For example, not only the end-to-end procedure for Initial registration is discussed in this course, but also, this course talks about Authentication, Security mode command procedure and other sub-procedures explicitly.

    This course covers the most common 3GPP procedures defined for 5G in details. The procedure call flows explanation includes HTTPv2 messages as well, which most of the courses does not cover. Also, this course provides a view of the information elements in the messages exchanged in the call flow. This course also helps you to understand 3GPP technical documents.

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