5G Security Testing Whitepaper

ABot simulated NFs, Use Case scenarios and traffic generators are used to simulate various DDoS attacks on control plane and data plane. Captured PCAPs are fed to an external Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to identify the DoS attack. Different remediation techniques triggered on IDS alerts are then applied by ABot to mitigate the DOS attack. The effectiveness of these techniques is subsequently verified through KPIs captured by ABot Analytics.

5G Security Testing

The ‘5G Security Testing’ white paper from Rebaca Technologies gives a new outlook on new security risks & mitigation approaches.
5G’s architecture allows for significant performance benefits like massive bandwidth, ultra-low latency and diversity of applications as it leverages network slicing, cloud-based resources, virtualization, service-based architecture, split RAN, edge-friendly deployments, and other emerging technologies.

With the technological benefits of 5G, it is crucial to address new security risks, vulnerabilities, and additional attacks from different parts of the network.