Automotive Testing

In the ever-evolving industry of Automotive, implementing a comprehensive Test Automation solution that will keep up with the changes is becoming a growing need. There are huge dependencies to train employees on the relevant skill-set and transition them across the projects. Each unit of the automotive requires deep domain knowledge and specific test tools, which require years to train and apply in real life. And more often than not, this training and knowledge development is not transferable across the different business units. Yet, consumer expectation and innovation move at its own fast pace, making it all the more difficult for Automotive companies to keep up. Features like keyless cars and V2X based connected cars require a testing solution which reduces the time taken to train and induct employees as well as optimize the resource utilization costs. ABot as a Test Automation tool, is the preferred tool by the tech moguls of the industry because it provides the answer to both problems.

Rebaca’s Test Automation solution, ABot, along with deep expertise in CI/CD pipeline can help implement a swift and standardized test workflow, enabling your organization to focus on innovation and technological advancements. Our codeless automation eliminates the need to learn and apply programming, scripting, or GUI tools. It also comes with a common set of English-like DSL (Domain Specific Language), which provides a standard language covered across various test tools (HIL, simulators) and platforms for authoring test cases. This enables automation engineers to apply the domain knowledge only to develop BDD based ABot test cases.