How Rebaca Assures Quality of Software Development

Software Development as a Service

The buzz word these days is “service”. From software to enterprise, the shift is towards service orientation. Software is being deployed and consumed using the SAAS (software as a service) model. Computing machines are getting deployed and consumed using the IAAS (infrastructure as a service) model. Software development tools are getting deployed and consumed using the PAAS (platform as a service) model. Enterprise API(s) are getting deployed and consumed using the SOA( service-oriented architecture) model. From telecom to hospitality, enterprises across the board, are selling their products as services.
So what is this service model? Service is a request-response model of doing business between a consumer and a provider where the consumer raises a request and the provider fulfills or implements the request and responds back with the results. In the SAAS model, users raise service requests to Google and Office 360 by using a web browser and the software running at the data center fulfills these requests by returning relevant data. In case of IAAS, applications running at a data center, such as AWS or AZURE, use workload management API to raise service requests and the data center fulfills these requests by allocating more virtual machines to the applications. An order placed in an e-commerce portal, like Flipkart or Amazon, is a service request, which is implemented by the enterprise by delivering the ordered goods to the buyer. In this service-driven world of today, software development has also moved towards service orientation, steered by agile and lean, where a product manager raises a service request using a user story and the same is implemented by the developers. At Rebaca, we were the early adopters of the Software Development As A Service ( SDAAS ) model.

Quality of Service

The fact of QOS
Quality lies in the experience of the consumer. A car that offers good consumer experience, such as nice handling, sharp breaking, quick acceleration and low fuel consumption rates higher in the quality index. A software deployed at a data center, offering bad consumer experiences, such as slow response, wrong calculations and frequent crashes under increased load conditions rates lower in the quality index. In the world of Software Development As A Service, the product owners are the consumers of the service. The product owners expect the service to be fast, accurate, cost-bound and time-bound. A development team meeting these parameters rates higher in the quality index. Inside Rebaca, we place quality of service our number one priority. This gives us credibility in the industry, allows us to stand out from our competitors and keeps our customers happy.

Assuring The Quality of Service

QoS Parameter  Rebaca Process Assuring The QOS Parameter  HOW The Process Assures QOS
FAST Requirement Management This process breaks each customer requirement into 1 or many implementation items or OUTPUTs in such a way that the outputs as VALUABLE, INDEPENDENT, SMALL and DEMONSTRABLE. The OUTPUT(s) are later associated with the corresponding artifacts such as code changes and document changes.
OUTPUT(s) enable Rebaca to deliver FAST service.
ACCURATE Validation Management This process tests and reviews the artifacts associated with each OUTPUT and fixes the defects that were found. Only after the tests and reviews are complete the artifacts associated with the output is shipped to the customer. 2 levels of tests and reviews are done – DUT and DIT. DUT is done by developers while DIT is done by testers.
DUT and DIT enable Rebaca to deliver ACCURATE service.
COST BOUND & TIME BOUND Schedule Management This process loads the outputs into short schedules of a few weeks, called DEADLINE(s). Then it breaks them into micro-tasks which are less than 24h of effort estimates. These tasks are assigned to the appropriate team members and loaded into the ITERATION(s). Each ITERATION allows a maximum of 40h of effort spread across 1 week. The team is expected to complete the loaded ITERATION(s) and DEADLINE(s).
Task, DEADLINE and ITERATION enable Rebaca to deliver TIME BOUND and COST BOUND service.