Rebaca at ETSI event, France

ETSI and the Open Air Interface Software Alliance (OSA) in association with EURECOM had organized a Joint ETSI – OSA Event on Open Implementations & Standardization and  Rebaca Technologies had the privilege to demonstrate the framework of ABoT for emulation of  5G & IoT network components on 13TH Dec 2018.

Rebaca showcasing a demo of ABoT

ABoT as a framework proposes a simple approach for functional and performance validation of 4G, 5G and IoT Mobile Network Functions on a physical or virtualized platform. This solution allows one to easily emulate network components and verify complex 3GPP protocol specifications using DSL based Network Service level test cases.

Key Features of ABoT

  • BDD based Test Orchestration Tool for Telecom Networks
  • Test Case Library using Scenario Templates
  • Execute Call Flows and get Visual Feedback
  • View pass-fail characteristics of your test cases
  • View artifacts such as Logs and PCAPs
  • Integrates with 3rd party Test Tools
  • Incorporate Test Suite into CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins

To know more about ABoT, visitABot – Cloud-Native 4G/5G Network Test Tool

 Presentation of ABoT at ETSI-OSA Workshop

ETSI –OSA Workshop created a huge buzz within the telecom industries from all corners of the world. Rebaca felt extremely obliged for being a part of such a massive workshop. It is really an eye-opener for what telecommunications are doing to society and the amount of technical genius that is there on the planet to make this happen.
The most prominent keynote speech was from London Kings College. He gave a live example of a 5G enabled global concert. A very interesting demo that used new beamforming (both radio and video) technologies to produce holographic images. We had several informative sessions with representatives from CEO of Open Cells, Lead Architect of Ulak Communication, Technology Director of System and many more.
This grand event was commenced by several keynotes speakers, panellists & presenters from a broad range of sectors starting from Eurecom, Fujitsu, Orange to Skylark Wireless, System etc. The entire presentation is available here.