We are dedicated to the highest quality standards in satisfying customer expectations and requirements. We emphasize product quality throughout our documentation and technical support processes. We are committed to a strategy of continuous process improvement and internal enforcement.
Rebaca can also partner with you to help you hasten your product realization at any interim point of the life cycle .Our set-up can also be split up to accommodate even small teams, if required, by the nature of the outsourcing being looked at.

The Life cycle management of a product that we offer through this service includes

Services we offer

Product definition

Requirement specification

Architectural design

System level design

Software development

Module integration and testing

Launch of the Product


Benefits of outsourcing Product Development Services from Rebaca include:

  • Options to outsource complete realization processes or core/ non-core tasks of the life cycle as per your need.
  • Access to a skilled pool of intellectual capital without having to build it ground up
  • Swift and quick adoption of your software/ business practices to make your business focus ours as well
  • ODC approach, a virtual extension, guaranteeing complete confidentiality
  • Significant cost advantages because of the offshore model
  • Highest quality standards at all phases of the process
  • Marketing collateral and external documentation, if required
  • Providing training on the developed products, if required.
  • Complete documentation of the development/ design process