Rebaca RTP and RTSP Stack provides end to-end streaming and delivery services over UDP for data with real-time characteristics, such as VoIP, interactive audio and video to embedded devices.

Rebaca RTP/RTCP :

Developed specifically for embedded devices, Rebaca RTP adds streaming data services to native IP stack and provides end-to-end delivery services over UDP for data with real-time characteristics, such as VoIP, interactive audio and video and streaming multi-media. Those services include payload type identification, sequence numbering, time stamping and delivery monitoring. RTP data transport is augmented with RTCP. The Real-time Transport Control Protocol monitors the quality of service and conveys information about the participants of an ongoing session.

Rebaca RTP/RTCP supports all of the required elements of RFC3550, including:

Features and Specifications

Multiple concurrent RTP UDP unicast and multicast sessions.

Multiple send and receive streams per session

Jitter buffer with configurable depth

RTCP information and statistics for all session participants, including jitter delay, packets loss & timestamps

Flexible Support for Real-Time Streaming Applications

Through its extensive API, nearly every parameter discussed in the RFC is available to the application level, dramatically increasing the likelihood of an “easy port” of a real-time application to Rebaca RTP and freeing the developer to work on the more important aspects of the applications such as the RTP payload, the application profile, type code, transport mapping and the audio and video encoding.


Modular Architecture

The software component architecture has been designed for the embedded systems market. RTP/RTCP is RTOS, protocol stack, compiler and processor independent. All APIs are well defined and specified by “.h” files and documentation. The source code is clear and well documented and deigned to compile with all tool chains commonly used for embedded software development, including ARM, CodeWarrior and Gcc. Rebaca RTP is distributed as full ANSI “C” source code, is RFC compliant and has been extensively tested for interoperability with reference IPv4 implementations.


RTSP Stack Overview

The RTSP stack of Rebaca Technologies is based on RFC 2326 standard of IETF. Applications benefiting from RTSP include:

  • Video-On-demand (VOD) clients
  • IPTV
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Multimedia Mail Clients etc