With the advances of mobile and broadcast networks and the proliferations of high-quality video content, delivering uninterrupted video to a variety of devices has become challenging. Our Video delivery helps Broadcast, OTT and TV Everywhere vendors to roll out advanced products with reduced time to market.
Our Video Consumption expertise helps OTT, TV Everywhere and Broadcast vendors to launch different innovative applications. Rebaca’s device capabilities includes smartphones, tablets, home media gateways, smart TV, IPTV, traditional set-top boxes etc.


Let us Build Your Complete Enterprise Video Solution

Features and Specification


3GPP, FLV, MP4, AVI, Fragmented MP4, MPEG2 TS, MPEG4

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Real time Streaming

RTSP/RTP, RTMP, HTTP Progressive Streaming, SIP/RTP

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Adaptive bitrate streaming

HLS, HDS, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH

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Widevine, Verimatrix, Playready, CENC, FPS

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Experience in enhancement & Integration of 3rd party transcoders like FFMPEG, WOWZA

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Appliance based and Virtual transparent caching solution

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Content Management System integration, enhancements

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  •   Segmenter/Re-packaging for a leading multi-screen platform vendor
  •   Segmented TS output for HLS streaming for both Live and VOD with nPVR support
  •   HLS with AES and Sample AES Encryption support
  •   TS-input to FMP4 for Silverlight smooth streaming for both Live and VOD with PIFF encryption support
  •   Generation of FMP4 based DASH Segments, MPDs with CENC (Widevine and Playready) encryption support for both Live and VOD modes
  •   Generation of TS based DASH Segments and MPDs with Live and VOD support
  •   Integration with Playready DRM with Silverlight smooth streaming segmenter
  •   Development of HDS segmenter for an Enterprise Video platform company
  •   Video Optimization appliance development for transcoding and transrating (FLV, MP4, TS, WebM) for a Broadband optimization company
  •   VOD content/video caching solution for an Enterprise Video delivery solution
  •   LIVE content caching solution for an Enterprise Video delivery solution
  •   Video delivery solution architecting for Enterprises
  •   Caching solution for a RAN edge based mobile content acceleration solution
  •   Migration from Windows based platform (SQL/Cube) to a Linux based platform (Vertica/Microstrategy) for a Network/Video monitoring Analytics product
  •   Content Management: Integration of Kaltura CMS with transcoder component for a multi-view solution. Development of a middleware component for communicating with Scala Content Manager to support multiple video players


  •   MPEG-DASH Segmenter
  •   Silverlight Segmenter
  •   RTP/RTSP Stack
  •   DVB-T Middleware


  •   C, C++, Java , in-line assembly , objective C, android sdk & ndk, Xmarin C#, VC++ , QT
  •   Python, TCL/TK, PHP, Java-script , shell/power shell script
  •   Jenkins, Ansible, AWS & azure APIs , Spring , puppet, chef