Rebaca has been active in the Cloud and Networking space for a number of years. Our software development and DevOps capability in Amazon, Azure and Openstack help both ISV and Enterprise to migrate their infrastructure to the public and private cloud. Our strong application networking and virtualization expertize help Networking OEMs and Service Providers to build virtualized network infrastructures based on ETSI NFV architecture.



Amazon AWS, MS Azure, Openstack(on-premises), CityCloud(public Openstack)

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OPNFV JOID, Cloudify, OpenBaton, VNF(vIMS/vEPC) Validation

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Heat, Ansible, Juju, Docker containers, Kubernetes

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SDN Controller

OpenDayLight (ODL)

  • Participate in the Charm Partner Program (CPP) for developing a Test Automation solution for the Canonical VNF Performance Interop lab
  • Install and bootstrap Canonical VNF Lifecycle Manager (Juju) on a local MAAS cloud
  • Develop and deploy Automation VNF charms that setup relations with IMS/EPC charms and execute automated tests on those systems
  • Development of Juju charms for SDN controller, Neutron plugin and OpenVSwitch(OVS) components.
  • DevOps Expertise: HOT & Management of OpenStack, AWS and Azure
  • Multi-hop network emulation on Openstack using HOT template
  • Implementation of traffic control using the Openstack virtual router L2/L3 MPLS VPN Service creation and deployment using the Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO)
  • ETSI based Virtualized Distributed Analytics driven Transparent Caching Solution
  • L2/L3 MPLS VPN Service creation and deployment using Cisco Network Service Orchestrator(NSO)