Log Analysis Tool

RCA is a juggernaut tool for automated Root Cause Analysis of any application logs. The tool uses the Elastic Stack(ELK) to derive its intelligence. We correlate and analyze different logs & system health KCIs. The tool suggests recommendations based on pattern analysis for recurring error conditions. A snapshot of the errors along with prioritized recommendations provides guidance for troubleshooting.

Features and Specification

Automated Log Parsing with minimal configuration

Ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured logs from any application for analysis, both in real-time and off-line

Anomaly detection through correlation

Detects environment anomaly and hidden issues by correlating events between application components, across applications & infrastructure.

Modeling & Automated Root Cause Analysis

Automatic recognition of parameters and dynamic setting of baselines and threshold.
In future, the tool aims to leverage adaptive machine learning models for continuous self-optimization of root cause issues in real time.

Enrichment, Insights & Recommended Resolutions

The rules database is used to make recommendations.
Enriches the detected problems with recommended action items in real time for resolution.

Use Cases

  • Faster analysis of Production Logs and System data for maintaining customer SLA
  • Visualization and analysis of Operation data for better understanding and debugging
  • Log correlation across different layers of any application deployed on a virtual platform
  • Automated escalation management arising from production issues
  • Optimizing system resources based on live Operation data