ABot : Test Orchestration solution

ABot is a Test Orchestration Solution for Next Generation Communication Network with focus on SDN, NFV, 4G/5G and Video Infrastructure.

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Log Analysis Tool

Real-time visualization of Log analysis after processing, searching and correlating them through our RCA w/ELKStack framework

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Rebaca has built a rich portfolio of Intellectual property (IPs) across multiple technologies and helped companies with strategic cost reduction by licensing these reusable components for product development. These IPs help in shrinking product design cycles through the availability of off-the-shelf reusable components, enabling customers to build robust, differentiated products.

MPEG-DASH Segmenter

Rebaca’s Fragmented MP4 based MPEG-DASH Packager/Segmenter enables OTT/TV Everywhere providers to quickly launch DASH based packaging/transcoding

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FMP4 Stack for ABR packager

The Multi-track FMP4 stack is a core component that can be extended to Silverlight, HDS and the MPEG-DASH packager. It enables OTT/TV Everywhere providers to quickly launch FMP4 based packagers.

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Rebaca’s RTP and RTSP Stack provides end-to-end streaming and delivery services over UDP for data with real-time characteristics, such as VoIP, interactive audio and video to embedded devices.

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Rebaca offers  a standardized DVB middleware, which provides the manufacturer with the necessary time-to-market advantage by speeding up the product development cycle, enabling the manufacturer to concentrate on product differentiation.

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Rebaca offers an extensible, Java-based, Element Management solution to provide basic components needed to quickly build NM/EM Systems.

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