Success stories at Rebaca

Rebaca acknowledges and celebrates employee success stories. The Success Story initiative allows our customers to recognize outstanding achievements. Our employee engagement practices serves as checks and balances to test a well-oiled machine. To justly align the organizational objective with the growth of the employees is a challenging task. But it is important that these goals are set and recognized when achieved. The connection to a shared purpose that is forged by being an active contributor, changes the attitude of the team towards their work. Project leads and departmental heads of Rebaca work together to build this alignment and ensure global competitiveness.

Engineers from our telecom, video and QA domains demonstrate exemplary work towards customer products, which allows us to retain long term customers. Rebaca Technologies is a preferred partner for a networking giant like Cisco because of our continuous delivery of high quality solutions. The deployment engineers for Cisco products have received several acclamations from their end users, for handling voice and data transmission systems with finesse.


After every successful business endeveour, the client’s appreciation is always shared with the team and their efforts are recognized and valued. What sets Rebaca apart is that we reward the success stories of the unsung heroes within the team. Their performance and hard work is identified by the team leads and other team members making this employee engagement practice a good motivation for excellance. This practice also allows us to maintain our high retention rate as we value the hard workers and celebrate their contributions.


At Rebaca we provide our employees with the personal space needed to fuel their innovation, creativity and self-efficacy. We celebrate personal success stories for excellent contribution across all our departments allowing our leaders to vitalize their teams and excel in their delivery. These members who rise up and take charge are the true coaches for those quiet team members. Our team leaders publish a concept derived from a shared goal and transforms it into excellence in the process they identify the members whose contributions had a significant impression on the success of the project.