Our Digital Measurement


Digital Quality Measurement

  • WATCH KCI(s) available in Customer Satisfaction Watch, Resource Velocity Watch, PMO Gap and Executive Escalation page(s) of confluence

– Taking too long to deliver :  KCI(s)  that track the  number of completed delivery outputs per month ( development and validation velocity KCI ), over head effort hours such as investigation and documentation of delivery outputs ( resource velocity KCI’s non coding and non validation portion  )

– Missing Delivery Dates : KCI(s) that tracks the calendar days needed to complete delivery outputs ( customer commitment KCI )

– Making Corrections after delivery : KCI(s) that track the defects reported by the customer ( development quality KCI ), tracks the returned defects ( validation quality KCI)

– Not keeping the customer informed : KCI(s ) that tracks missed status calls, missed status meetings,  missing details from status reports such as call action items, mitigation plans of delivery gaps and updates on action items/mitigation plans, long running delivery gaps

Digital Compliance Measurement

  • SLA based AUDIT KCI(s) available in Project Audit Report page(s) of confluence

– Requirement Management Compliance : KCI(s) that tracks the  small ness of deliverable outputs, association of deliverable outputs with an unique requirement, association of deliverable outputs with implementation details such as COMMIT ID, DOCUMENT ID, REPORT ID etc

– Schedule Management Compliance : KCI(s) that tracks under estimation , completions after due date, changes in due dates

– Validation Management : KCI(s) that tracks the number of passed test cases of  deliverable outputs, SME review comments against deliverabale outputs

– Risk Management: Same as WATCH KCI