Train engineers into knowledge experts

We put in a constant effort to acquire, retain and leverage knowledge to excel in software delivery. We have classified knowledge into 3 broad spectrums. Programming knowledge, which comprises of programming languages and systems including C, C++, J2EE, MS .NET, databases, web services etc. Product knowledge which comprises of the functional aspect in a customer product including implementation, deployment, configuration and build management. Lastly, domain knowledge which comprises of the standards and specifications for Video Delivery, Video Consumption, Wireless, Content Monetization, Network Security etc.

Collaborate and Master from our knowledge library

Our engineers implements the customer requirements and deploys them to the end users which helps in understanding the domain specific customer product. Our knowledge experts periodically store their acquired knowledge in our knowledge library in Confluence. They conduct regular sessions based on the information stored in the wiki and test the participants on their level of understanding. Based on these tests the engineers are ranked and efficiently allocated to delivery teams. The knowledge wiki allows Rebaca to swiftly induct new engineers into a team, and use their online feedback to improve on our process.

Develop new skills

At Rebaca we make a constant effort to bridge the gap between existing and new knowledge. To fill this gap, we identify the key knowledge goals and break them down into small demoable steps which are assigned to the delivery teams. After completing these steps, the team documents them in the knowledge library and presents it to a large audience for validation. Once the demo is accepted then the new knowledge goal is achieved.

Leverage skills for customer fruition

At Rebaca we have a strong delivery management process in place to measure our customer satisfaction. However, to bring the customer project to fruition we leverage our vast knowledge as a tool. We periodically conduct review meetings and send out questionaires for feedback from customers to address improvement areas. A similar process is followed internally to enable employees to continuously deliver quality solutions to our customers.