ABot Facilitates Continuous Test Assurance in 5G Ecosystem

Execute different 3GPP specified scenarios to help test/certify 5G NFs for various deployment environment in renowned server vendor’s lab. Certification is achieved by executing ABot provided 3GPP 5G test suites in an automated fashion against various network configurations – ABot emulated NFs, with Open5GS, and against Vendor System under Test (SuT).

5G Integration Lab

The ‘5G Integration Lab’ white paper from Rebaca Technologies gives a new outlook on Lab testing.

This whitepaper talks about the requirement of onboarding multiple test solutions to do a proper validation encompassing core, transport, RAN, and fiber network elements simultaneously. It also provides an overview of 5G e2e testing essentials, roadblocks and the importance of automation in 5G. Describes a feasible open testing approach to deliver a seamless 5G rollout with the ultimate true essence of validation. An essential read for the business managers, engineering architects, planning, development & quality assurance team. Let’s ensure a smoother transition from the lab environment to the real world in no time.