Rebaca maintains state of the art infrastructure in India and USA. Our Indian development centers are located in the Metropolitan cities of Bangalore and Kolkata with the US marketing and sales counterpart in Santa Clara, California. All our offices are centrally located with amenities like transportation and eateries within walking distance. Our Kolkata headquarters overlooks a lakefront view from the 9th floor of the Infinity Benchmark building.

REBACA IT Infrastructure keeps pace with growing needs and changes in technology.

  • Multiple ISP supported Internet and VPN Connection with High-end Cisco Switching and complete WIFI ZONE throughout all locations.
  • World Class Data Security supported by CHECKPOINT Firewall and Endpoint Protection. Best in Class Email Service with Microsoft Hosted EXCHANGE Server.
  • Single Sign-on on our active Directory Authentication Service.
  • Latest Configuration PCs with all users and Development test Platforms on Virtualized VMWARE ESXI Environment.
  • Multi-Level Source Code repository combined with Secured Linux Based SVN and Cloud Based GIT HUB for seamless collaboration of Vital source code and relevant documentations.
  • Self-monitored Data Backup System enabling better control and quick restoration providing complete customer protection and peace of mind.
  • Connectivity with customers on day-to-day development process supported by Digital EPABX PRI systems and Audio Video Conferencing Solutions like WebEx, Skype and Global Toll Free numbers.