ABoT : Test Orchestration Solution

The ABot Test Orchestration Solution uses the concept of BDD to define and execute test scenarios enabling collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders involved in the process of product engineering. The solution targets the testing requirements of Telecom Products with particular emphasis on 4G Mobility and 5G IoT. Test cases can be written in a user-friendly Domain Specific Language (DSL) and give the user the capability of emulating any node in the 4G/5G eco-system. The Solution is Cloud Native and is in line with the principles of ETSI MANO. It integrates seamlessly with orchestrators like Juju and Cloudify for Continuous Deployment (CD) and lifecycle management on NFV platforms. The solution is packaged with an intuitive Web-Based UI that provides graphical feedback and a comprehensive summary of test results along with artifacts such as LOGS and PCAP that help in the process of troubleshooting.

With the evolution from 4G to 5G looming in the horizon, the Test Tools and their capabilities need to adjust in order to test the three fundamental network slices that are being formulated by 3GPPEnhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (urLCC), and Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC). Test Tools like ABot have adapted in order to support the testing of use cases that fall under the above mentioned broad categories. ABot is constantly embracing evolution with the help of a core framework that is able to adapt itself from one generation to the next.

The ABot solution is a Test Orchestration framework that integrates seamlessly with any CI engine like Jenkins. Test cases within ABot can be invoked from the CI engine with the help of keywords or “Tags”.  Tags help reference a group of Test Cases or a single Test Case for execution. In order to aid in the CI process, ABot comes with Test Case Teardown and a simple Network Topology Builder out of the box. The Teardown Process is used to reset the Testbed to its original state before the execution of the next test case. The Topology Builder aids in pre-defining the Testbed for every single Test Case.

ABot is a Test Harness to emulate complex Telecom Network systems like vEPC, vIMS as well as vIoT. It has the capability of emulating different Core Network (CN) 4G components like eNodeB, MME, SPGW, 5G components based on the Service Based Architecture (SBA). The emulations are made available with the help of relevant 3GPP based protocol stacks – S1AP, GTPv2C, GTPv1U, NGAP, HTTPv2, Diameter, SIP, and RTP. Along with its emulation capabilities, ABot has the unique capability of Performance Benchmarking by reusing the same Test Case used for Functional or Conformance Testing and loading it with performance parameters like the number of subscribers.

ABot provides ready support for VNF certification. ABot integrates seamlessly with the ETSI MANO architecture and can be used to verify the functionality of a VNF. ABot integrates easily with Orchestrators like Juju and Cloudify. Due to its cloud native architecture and seamless integration with a NFV Orchestrator, ABot has the capability of acting as a validation agent in the process of self healing, when executed in a MANO environment.

ABoT Application Scenario

The Mobile Testing Landscape
Mobility Call Flows
Mobility Analytics
The 5G/C-IOT Testing Landscape
The IOT Data Prototols
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