ABot : Test Orchestration Solution

An Automated Test Harness for 4G, 5G and IoT components now at your fingertips at zero cost.

Getting Started

ABot meets the need to test and simulate load scenarios in a CI/CD environment, with the advent of 5G/IoT and its evolution from 4G components.

ABot is a test automation tool for Telecom networks that follow specifications, standards-driven design and compliance as mandated by the 3GPP consortium. The platform aims to provide the user with an intuitive interface to check for protocol compliance and define benchmark test cases for load characteristics of a particular system under test.

ABot provides the complete test benchmarking platform for the needs of Telecom OEMs, System Integrators, Developers and other stakeholders that need to test portions of their Telecom network.

ABot is a framework for functional and performance validation of 4G, 5G and IoT Mobile Network Functions on a physical or virtualized platform.


Key Features:

  • User-friendly DSL based test templates leveraging the concept of BDD
  • Test templates with modifiable parameters based on the client requirement
  • Schedule the execution of test templates through CI engines like Jenkins
  • Harness any 3rd party test tools
  • Intuitive web-based GUI for analysis


ABot Test Orchestration Solution v5

Version : 5 (Beta)